For Learning. For Leading. For Jewish Life.

Giving Back

As alumni, you know first-hand that attending B’nai Shalom is an experience that shapes a life. You continue to reap the benefits of a B’nai Shalom education, an education that is imparted not only in the classroom, but also in conversations in the hallways between teachers and students, and in life-changing moments such as standing before the Western Wall on the ultimate school trip. 

Today’s B’nai Shalom students deserve to enjoy the same opportunities to receive that first-class education for learning, for leading and for Jewish life.  Maintaining B’nai Shalom’s commitment to success and realizing the school’s potential can only be accomplished if you, as alumni, continue to support the school. 

Alumni of B’nai Shalom already make a difference in the following ways:  

  • Contributing to the B'nai Shalom Annual Fund
  • Establishing scholarships so that every child can attend our school
  • Returning to B'nai Shalom to teach in areas of expertise
  • Sending their children to B'nai Shalom
  • Serving as members of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors
  • Supporting the education of current B'nai Shalom students.

Your support of your school shapes the next generation.