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Parent Handbooks

Parent Handbooks

Kashrut Policy

B'nai Shalom Day School observes the traditional dietary kashrut laws. We handle this at B'nai Shalom with sensitivity, knowing that within our community there are families who do not observe kashrut, and that among those who do, it is observed at many different levels. Because many members of our community carefully observe kashrut, it is important that each B'nai Shalom family be aware of kashrut issues. Therefore, all food brought into the school must be kosher or dairy/pareve. As the school has only dairy facilities, lunches must not contain meat or meat products. Foods prepared at home are acceptable for individual lunches only as long as they do not contain meat, poultry, meat products or shellfish. Any school sponsored activity that is off the premises, and in which food will be served, must be completely vegetarian, dairy or certified kosher.

All food to be distributed to the children by teachers or by a class parent must come from a store-bought package with kashrut symbols, made from scratch in the school building with kosher ingredients or purchased from an approved bakery. No food prepared in a teacher's or student's home may be distributed to students (all foods must be reviewed by the front office prior to use in our kitchen or distribution in classrooms). This is to ensure that the highest standard of kashrut is maintained in the building. Common kosher symbols:

Please see our Local Kosher Food Establishments page for a list of approved bakeries and shops. 

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, you will receive a call or text, depending on which option you chose for our “One Call Notification” system. You can expect a call/text between 6:00-6:30 am. Please know that B'nai Shalom does not necessarily follow the Guilford County School System's closings. School closings will also be announced on local TV news channels (WFMY News 2 and FOX 8). 

Occasionally, it may be necessary to delay the opening of school by one or two hours or until streets can be safely negotiated. If it is necessary to close the school early for any reason, parents will be contacted via One Call and email. 

Please know we will make every effort to keep the school open unless travel appears to be prohibitive. Should the school remain open, it is ultimately your choice as to whether you feel comfortable driving your child to school. We understand if your child is late on a day when the weather is bad, and they will not be counted as tardy.