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Parent - Teacher Committee (PTC)

Welcome, B'nai Shalom Families!

The Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) extends a warm welcome to all families—new and returning. We are excited about the fun events we have planned this year!  As parents, we count on BSDS to maintain a sense of community for our children.  In turn, BSDS relies on the PTC to create a warm community for students and teachers. We need YOU to become part of the PTC!  Comprised of parents and staff, the PTC serves as the voice and body for BSDS parents. There are many opportunities to become involved and create a richer learning environment and Jewish community where our children thrive.

I will be reaching out to you about becoming involved. Of course, you can beat me to the punch… please contact me to join the PTC today.

Jen Strasser, PTC Chair

Top 10 Reasons to Join the PTC

  1. Help your child. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school perform better academically and display fewer disciplinary problems.
  2. Get connected. As a PTC member, you'll hear all about important school and students issues and events.
  3. Make friends. The PTC is a diverse group of parents unified by a strong interest in enriching their child's education. Get to know your fellow BSDS parents!
  4. Improve your school IQ. Do you know the BSDS staff and other parents by name? The PTC is the perfect way to learn about where—and with whom—your child spends their day. 
  5. Be heard. The PTC is a great forum for exchanging ideas and fostering conversations to improve our school.
  6. Show your gratitude. The PTC helps show our hard-working teachers how much we appreciate them during Teacher Appreciation Week and provides staff and teacher lunches on conference days.
  7. It's fun! You'll be a big hit with the kids (and teachers!) when you hand out hot dogs and popsicles on Lag BaOmer or read a book.
  8. Be a role model. You'll show your child the value and fun of giving back to your community and school. That’s a priceless lesson.
  9. It's flexible around your schedule. There are many ways to contribute to PTC. Make it fit your interests, passions and schedule.
  10. It takes a community to teach our kids! Without your involvement, there would be no Lag BaOmer hot dog lunch, Yom HaAtzmaut Israel Independence Day falafel lunch, Thanksgiving Feast or Conference Day lunches.

Please join the PTC today!