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Lower School (K - 4th Grade)

B'nai Shalom's Lower School prides itself on the consistent recognition that each child will progress through the various stages of development at his/her own pace. While we maintain high expectations at all times, we are ever cognizant of the individual child. Our nurturing teachers know and appreciate the whole child, providing opportunities for rounded growth within the classroom and through special classes such as art, music, physical education, library, and guidance. Collaboration and meaningful communication among teachers enhances the learning process during a given year, and smoothly paves the way from grade to grade. 

Students are exposed to Hebrew as a living language and Judaism as a vibrant and joyful part of their daily experience. Ritual, holidays and milestones are celebrated through art, dance, music, and prayer. Our students take part in Havdalah every Monday, and during the rest of the week, they are exposed to a traditional morning service, an Egalitarian service and, on Thursday morning, a Torah service. We end every week with Kabbalat Shabbat. Students acquire synagogue skills as they learn to lead those services and become adept at reading from the Torah.

The learning process is key. Our students are taught and encouraged to take ownership of their learning. The children's assimilation of this philosophy is fostered throughout the many facets of our lower school curriculum. Built-in enrichment, coupled with attention from a Learning Specialist and Guidance Counselor, addresses and supports individual needs. Integration of subjects, and implementation of literature-based learning, further increases a global view of education. Our students regularly engage in multi-age activities, where we see broad, lifelong learning and understanding unfold.

A firm belief in a solid home-school partnership is foundational as each child moves through the lower school. Communication is highly valued at all grade levels. Administration, faculty, and parents work together particularly at key transition points to promote seamless change. As they leave Lower School, our aim is for our students to be academically and emotionally ready to embark on the next stage of their education journeys.